Other Support Programs


What is LEAP?
The Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) program helps you invest in you and your children's future through education, employment and child development. You may qualify if you:

  • are a parent under the age of 25.
  • have not graduated from high school.
  • are receiving financial assistance from the Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program.

What are the benefits of LEAP?

  • Financial assistance is available for your school-related expenses and transportation costs.
  • Child care costs may be provided.
  • Participants who successfully graduate from high school and complete the required number of parenting courses will receive $500. These funds can be used for further training or education for yourself or can be held in trust for your children's education.

If you participate in LEAP, you must work toward earning your high school diploma. You can attend a traditional high school, a program set up by the school board that supports the needs of young parents or an approved alternative learning program.

In order to help you find a job when you graduate from school, there are a number of community programs and services that LEAP participants can take advantage of. These include school co-op programs, employment assessments, career counselling, job search workshops and volunteer placements in the community.

LEAP participants must take part in programs that improve your parenting skills and promote child  development. You must complete 35 hours of parenting and/or child development activities, which may be linked to school program or found elsewhere in the community.